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Meditation with a partner

I love doing this with my partner, Even though we are together much of the day, this structured practice allows us to be with each other without all of the daily distractions. This gives us the opportunity to block out everything else and just be with each other.
~ T. Moore, Texas
Doing this practice with my friends brings me closer to them.  Rather than talking about our day, or complaining about the state of the world, we connect deeply and share our experience of the present moment.  I leave the practice feeling refreshed and hopeful.
~ A. Wolcott, Maine

My dad is in a nursing home.  We App gives us a beautiful way to be together during quarantine.  Thank you for this App!

~ R. Preston, Vermont

Take your meditation practice to another level

Are you ready to take your meditation practice to another level by experiencing the present moment with another?

Do you want to increase your sense of connection while having fun along the way?

Whether you love meditation or just love people, you’ll love this new way of connecting through We App.

Loneliness has become an epidemic

Did you know that it’s your birthright to experience connection?  Humans are naturally social beings.  When you sit down opposite another person and look into their eyes, you no longer see a stranger, you meet a human just like yourself who experiences love, joy, fear, worry and the whole array of human emotions.

We App offers an antidote.

It provides you with a structured way to connect with another person through an eyes-open meditation that uses both silence and words to bring you together inside the present moment.

The good news is that social connections and friendships increase your resilience, boost your immune system and it feels great.

Don’t let social distancing prevent you from connecting deeply with another. We’ve created an App that increases our sense of connection through eyes-open partnered meditation.  

Connect today.